Saturday, 2 October 2010


Started gardening (again) on 02MAR10.

Planted sunflower, poppy & sweet pea seeds and gladioli & oriental lily bulbs directly into the soil outdoors. Not sure what happened to the sunflowers & poppies but the rest grew and flowered in the summer. No skill required just watering.

Mr. F told me to watch out for slugs. At that point I decided that I wouldn't sprinkle slug pellets over the garden as advised. Double-planted instead - half for the slugs and half for me.

After their visit in May, Mrs. F gave me some seedlings. I planted them in a pot and left them in a corner.  They are now distributed over the whole garden replacing all the weeds which thrived last year.

This is one of seventeen nicotiana lime green grown from Mrs F's seedlings. Each one grew to maturity and developed its own personality. Had to transplant them several times as I kept underestimating how big they would grow. Think this traumatised them in the summer heat as they would raise their leaves up to cover the inner shoots. They all survived though.

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